Set goals

Screen shot of two new goals and their progress bars

Make a progress bar for each of your goals.

Check in

Screen shot of new progress being entered

When you've done some work on a goal, enter your new total to update the progress bar.

Stay on track

Screen shot of an area chart showing progress history, followed by a straight line from the current time to the goal

Keep an eye on how you're doing. If the gray goal line gets too steep or too flat, adjust your goal or your pace.

Connect with friends

Screen shot of a profile page with an opt-in button, followed by a goal's progress bar with encouraging comments underneath

Visit your friends' pages. Opt in to see their updates on your home page, and encourage them when they make progress. Your friends can return the favor, unless you make your goals private.

Work together

Screen shot of word sprint in progress

Organize a word sprint with your friends, or join the global word sprint. Your word count grows as you type in your web browser, and you earn stars for all to see.

Sprints start automatically every half hour and last 25 minutes. Come and go as you please.

Your work is saved to your computer as you type. You can also link up to your Dropbox, and your work will be saved there once per minute.

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